Just like Halal certified food (Halal meaning “permissible”), Halal certified medicines will fulfill the Islamic rulings that they have no ingredients that are alcohol or pork based or derived, and that any animal based ingredients must be derived from an animal killed in accordance with a Halal slaughtering process. We, Global Halal Certifications (GHC) have the capacity and competence to certify medicines as halal if GHC criteria for halal medicines are being fulfilled.

For Muslims who are conscious of the Halal status of everything they put into their bodies, a simple trip to the pharmacy that has the GHC logo for halal would solve their every problem related to halal medicines.

The Halal Certified Medicines initiative is a perfect solution for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies because it means they don’t have to answer all the questions about which Medicine is Halal, its made easy for customers now, they need to just simply look for the GHC logo mark.

The pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies may contact to get their medicines certified as halal on the email info@globalhalalcertifications.com


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