Muslims all over the world are extremely conscious of eating halal food and especially avoiding any thing that has pork or pork fat in it. Even something that is cooked in the same oil which was used to cook pork is strictly avoided by Muslims. But the concept of halal makeup is very new. It is only recently coming to the notice of many Muslims that there are pork and animal residue, as well as alcohol in many cosmetics.

According to GHC standards for Halal Cosmetics, cosmetic products must be safe and non-hazardous to consumers. In brief, halal cosmetics are products that must not have any human parts or ingredients thereof; not contain any animal forbidden to Muslims or are not slaughtered according to Shariah law; no genetically modified organism (GMO) which are decreed as najs (najs is defined as filth, including things that are themselves not permissible such as pigs and its derivatives, blood and carrion; fluids or objects discharged from the
human or animals’ bodies such as urine, excrements, blood, vomit and pus); no alcohol from alcoholic drinks (khamar); no contamination from najs during preparation, processing, manufacturing and storage; and safe for consumer. It also means that the products have certain qualities that have met the requirements of consumers in terms of its usage and efficacy.

The Halal Certified Cosmetics initiative is a solution for cosmetics and beauty products manufacture companies because it means they don’t have to answer all the questions about which Cosmetic or beauty product is Halal, its made easy for customers now, they need to just simply look for the GHC logo mark.

The cosmetics and beauty products manufacturing companies may contact to get their cosmetics or products certified as halal on the email

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