Benefits of Halal Certification

The market demand for HALAL compliance food and non-food is growing constantly worldwide, HALAL mark gives businesses from different sectors several benefits and advantages:

  • Easy access when exporting to Muslim countries (OIC Countries).
  • Avoid losing Muslim consumers.
  • HALAL requires safety and hygiene as well which is important to third party.
  • Competitive advantage and bigger market share.
  • Listing your company and brands in HALAL list.
  • Displays a responsibility and a credible commitment to the organization with the conditions required by Islamic law and regulations.
  • Ensures customers with Islamic practice and service that your product is in accordance with the requirements.

Certification Categories

The “Global Halal Certification” provides halal compliance and training services globally in the following categories.

  • Abattoir:
    Islamic Halal Zabiha (Shariah compliant slaughter) including Beaf (cows & buffalos), Mutton (goat & sheep), poultry & chicken.
  • Food & Non-Food Products:
    Food products, ingredients for food products, food snacks, sea food and dairy products and Non Food Products such as Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other consumables
  • Food Premises:
    Restaurants, Hotels, canteens, hostels, food chains, Catering companies, Airlines, Railways and Hospitals etc.

Certification Process

The Global Halal Certification (GHC) certifies halal products based on the following process

Global Halal Certification Process

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