Global Halal Certification (GHC) is a Halal Certification Division of Global Reliance Veritas (GRV). Presently, we are providing halal services to many companies in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Greece & Turkey etc. Our all halal services and training are based on OIC Halal Guidelines.

We have team of Auditors, Inspectors, Trainers and experts having professional, shariah compliance, food safety and quality experience of many years. We have a network of world renowned halal laboratories. Our halal services are based on audit, inspections, testing and shariah compliance as per OIC Halal Guidelines. Our Shariah board is comprised of well known Scholars (Muftis) of all sects.

Mission Statement

To develop a professional and internationally recognized Halal and Shriah compliance certification, halal inspection, halal testing and halal training services.


What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic term meaning “lawful or permissible” and it does not only encompass food and drink, but all matters of daily life. When it comes to halal food, most people think of meat products only. However, Muslims must ensure that all foods, particularly processed foods, pharmaceuticals and non food items like cosmetics are Halal or haram (unlawful, not permissible (the opposite of Halal)). Halal is not a new term. It is as old as the initiation of man (Adam), who was a Muslim and the representative of God on earth.

The life of a Muslim revolves around the concept of Halal. A Muslim must earn income from Halal sources, be involved only in Halal transactions and consume Halal food, drink and Halal related accessories.

Halal foods are those that are:

  • Free from any component that Muslims are prohibited from consuming according to Islamic law.
  • Processed, made, produced, manufactured and or stored using utensils, equipment and/or machinery that have been cleansed according to Islamic law.

The Halal market is growing at a fast pace and having drawn so much attention and interest from all around world that further development initiatives and strategies are essential for the promotion of the halal economy in Pakistan. OIC member countries are keen on exploring the possibilities of developing its society and economy via the halal industry away from its dependence on conventional oil and gas sectors as halal has become one of the fast growing industry that can be developed in order to diversify the economy.

The Halal market is fast emerging most lucrative and influential consumer arena in the world today, covering a wide array of food and non-food products, including pharmaceuticals, logistics, tourism, cosmetics, healthcare, toiletries and other non-consumables valued at approximately USD2.77 trillion.

Halal certified products/services chain by recognized Halal Certification Bodies will support local and export markets for the producers of all types of foodstuffs to Muslim & non-Muslim communities in Asia, the Middle East and worldwide. In order to check the compliance as required by Islam the general parameters of conformity assessment are the same i.e., Standards, Auditing, Certification and Accreditation. The only value added item of this system is the compliance of all these parameters according to Shariah that will give credibility to each activity to the Muslims and the people all around the world.

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